Microwave Ovens – King Of All The Cooking Appliances

In the world of cooking appliances, the convection microwave ovens have won the battle for superiority.  Microwave ovens are being used since few years back but the use of advancing technology in the microwaves has completely revolutionized the working of the microwave ovens. This type of microwave oven is a combination of a standard oven and the convection. You can decide for yourself the right model of the convection microwave oven for easy cooking.

Things you can do with these microwaves

In this type of microwave ovens, you can do different types of cooking. You can bake, roast, grill and do everything else that you do with microwave.  Cakes, pizza, cookies, roasted chicken and several other dishes can be made easily in these microwave ovens.

Working of the convection microwave ovens

This type of microwave oven has the heating elements on all the walls of the microwave oven. The heat generated inside it is re-circulated by the fan attached to it. Hence, the constant movement of hot air inside the microwave is responsible for quick cooking and also for cooking from all the sides.

In this type of microwave there are generally three setting modes. These are;

  • First is the microwave part which is ideal for reheating the food and making pop corns. This mode is ideal for cooking food but does not give it the crisp texture.
  • Second is the convection part that is for giving brown and crispy texture. This mode enables faster cooking in the reduced cooking time.
  • Last but not the least part is the combination of the above two parts for which this type of microwave oven is designed. It is helpful in reducing the cooking time along with it right texture can be added to the food.

Benefits of convection microwaves

In the modern times, people prefer this type of microwave over the others because of the following benefits enjoyed by the user:

  • The food cooked in the convection microwave is crisper.
  • This type of microwave is the right choice for the house owners having small kitchen. Those who do not have much space for the full size of stove can easily accommodate this type of microwave in their kitchen.
  • Convection microwaves are known for fast and quick cooking. So, those who lack time to cook food can take this microwave to their home for quick meal preparation.
  • Since, these are comparatively smaller than the traditional ovens hence they are very easy to clean. Less parts and less space require less effort for cleaning.
  • Wide varieties of food can be prepared in convection microwave oven. You can make full meals to desserts in the same microwave.

Using the combination of settings for cooking can give the best results but user should check out the time needed for cooking different types of food.

Buying guide for the convection microwaves

Easy Control panel, variable size, Multi stage cooking, Sensor cooking, Automatic functions, Stylish appearance and wattage of the microwave are important features that you should check out while buying the convection microwave ovens. You can take help from the internet in finding out the most popular and advanced convection microwave ovens.