Best dough mixer for home use

The refreshing smell of home baked bread together with cheese and sausage in the morning is unbeatable. This goes without doubt, however, you cannot achieve that aroma by just sitting there and waiting. Its time you bring it live to your own kitchen with the aid of the best dough mixer, an automatic dough mixer, puts you at a position to prepare bread with so much ease. If you want to get the best dough mixer, then read on. This article will enlighten you on what to look for so that the mixer you will carry into your home is the right one.


You do not want to deprive your family a treat to enough dough. The only main factor that will affect the size of dough and then eventually bread is the capacity of your mixer. You should go for a dough mixer that will nicely mix everything without any spillovers. 6 quarts will be a good size for an average family because the dough from this mixer can comfortably produce up to 4 breads. Very large families with good appetite for bread can opt for a commercial dough mixer.


Attachments should not be for decoration, you should get a mixer that has the right attachments. These attachments should be functional to ensure you make your dough effectively and efficiently. A spiral dough hook and a metal flat beater are attachments that will not fail you in the process of dough mixing.


The engine of your dough mixer will need to produce enough electrical power so that it can efficiently knead the dough. A powerful mixer which will mix dough properly must have a rating of 500watts plus. The process will be easy and perfect.


To get the best dough mixer, you should look for something metallic. A durable mixer should not break in few months. Cheap mixers made of plastic will look fancy and entice you. However, they will break and send you back to the market in a very short period. The gears should be made of steel and the other attachments and important pieces made of stainless steel. This kind of mixer will cost you a fortune but in the long run, it is cost effective. You will not need constant repair.

Ease to clean

Stainless steel is easy to clean, that speaks volumes. In addition, you should get a machine that will have spaces where dough hides forcing you to carefully check and clean them off. The dough mixer that can be put in water to wet up is easy to clean too. If you want to get the best dough mixer, ensure that it has a number of functions that can be altered by a number of settings. Settings like speed variable, automatic on and automatic off. This will make the process easy and controllable. Over spilling is annoying. Get a dough mixer that has a mechanism of stopping this so that your working bench remains clean.With these, you now are knowledgeable. Budget becomes the last thing. From an experts point of view, you should not buy a cheap ineffective dough mixer just because you must have one. Similarly, do not purchase a very expensive product that has extra functionality than you need.