10 secrets of the correct moistening of face skin

In the winter face skin becomes drier and more sensitive. Therefore, it is worth giving it more attention

1. Accept dietary supplements.

One of the xeroderma reasons is a shortage of certain vitamins. The vitamin E, cod-liver oil, and linseed oil humidify a skin from within. The acceptance of such dietary supplements will help you to reduce the skin dryness.

2. Learn the ingredients of your cosmetics.

Refuse the clearing means containing alcohol or aggressive alkalis. They dehydrate skin.

Apply only soft means with natural oils and instead of morning washing wipe the face with lotion.

3. Use the moisturizing creams.

It is necessary to moisten the skin, as in the winter it is dehydrated much more, than in the summer. However, the moistening creams need to be put only in the evening, for an hour before a sleep. If you already decided to buy one recommend you to visit Moisturize Creams. There you can find the reviews of the best available moisturizing creams available.

4. Use cool water for face washing.

The hot water strongly dries the skin, which is already dehydrated in the winter. Therefore wash your face with cool water, take a shower of room temperature and if decide to get take a bath, reduce the time to 10 minutes.

5. Be not zealous with a peeling.

If skin suffers from dryness, use a peeling not more often than once a week or in one and a half. The excessive peeling strengthens dehydration.

Choose a soft peeling without large particles and without parabens and put it with the easy movements.

6. Do not grate the face

It would seem, a trifle, but how you wipe a face, is reflected in its state. Especially in winter. Do not grate the face with a towel, only slightly get wet and at once impose a moisturizer cream.

7.Which after indoor air humidity.

Central heating dries up the air in apartments and offices,  At the same time, it effects on your skin. Humidifiers can improve its state – and at the same time to decorate an interior.

8. Change your face care products.

If your habitual means do not cope with the task anymore, try more rich textures and more effective components: vitamin E, extracts of plants. Such as the regenerating and deeply moisturizing extract of a haberlea Rhodope.

9. Limit coffee and alcohol applying.

Alcohol, coffee, and green tea have the diuretic effect and are contraindicated at the dehydrated skin. Wash down each cup of coffee or a glass of wine with a glass of still water.

10. Enrich a diet

The balanced diet helps to solve problems with dryness of skin: add to a diet more food, rich the Omega-3: fish, green vegetables, fresh fruit, and nuts.